Vendor Application 


Thank you for your interest in vending through The New Orleans Healing Center. Please fill out the form below at the best of your ability about the details of the products that you have. Please leave any portion of the form blank that you do not yet know. Please reach out to Brandon Curran ( (504.940.1130) with any questions or concerns you may have. Once the form is turned in, someone from the NOHC Administration Team will contact you with follow-up questions. The current policies are listed below but are subject to change (special circumstances may apply for individual events/happenings). Costs are $30 per day unless special circumstances apply. More information will be given once accepted. Vendors will need to be approved by NOHC Admin Staff and NOHC Board and will need a valid Vendor's License. The Healing Center will supply tables, chairs, basic security and promotions on website, social media, and include the vendors in the greater New Orleans Healing Center network.