NOHC Annual Events 

Day of the Dead / Fet Gede

November 1st, 2023

The Mexican Days of the Dead are the days at the end of October and the beginning of November, when the veil separating the Living and the Dead is most diffuse. The Dead come back to visit the living –children visit first, on Oct 31st, the familial adults on November 1st, and finally the unremembered Dead on November 3rd. It is the time of year when summer has ended and Nature is moving towards wintery death. In Mexico, elaborate displays transform graves into altars and thousands of candles illuminate the path between worlds and give warmth to the returning Dead. Tables are set up with food for the Dead and families picnic on top of graves all night.

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2023 dates TBA

In New Orleans, the sacred is funky! Come together with people of all faiths and no faith plus all races and cultures for an immersive and transformative experience of spiritual music, art and food from around the world.

The New Orleans Sacred Music Festival is entirely FREE and open to anyone and everyone. Sacred music is powerful. It can heal and uplift us and awaken the profound connections that runs through our diverse cultures and communities. Performers are drawn from all the city’s spiritual communities, and some acts are international. Both ancient and cutting-edge, the festival is fun, lively, and full of magical moments. Where else will you see Tibetan monks and Mormon elders rocking out to hip-hop and medieval chants?

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