Second Story Gallery 

The Second Story Gallery strives to create a supportive platform for artists to engage the public with their ideas and works. Organized as a cooperative body, artists of The Second Story Gallery have collective agency in policy, programming, and membership. Gallery artists may work in a variety of media, in conjunction with the physical capacity of the exhibition area. The gallery’s location in a shared and connective space within The New Orleans Healing Center creates higher visibility and ease of access for community engagement; this placement galvanizes the gallery’s commitment to presenting exceptional contemporary exhibitions that reflect perspectives and stories of our age, equitably.

second story gallery members

Current members are:

Charles Lovell

Ron Bennet

Jeff Reinhart

Kathy Rodriguez

Veronica Cross

Cynthia Ramirez

Gina Laguna

Moira Crone

Harriett Cortez

Heather Weathers

Darlene Marcello

Leona Strassberg Steiner

Carrie Beene


for inquiries about becoming a second story gallery member, contact:

Contact: NOHC