Street University

In the belief that comradeship and learning are fundamental to self-awareness, self-integration, self-healing, and community healing, The Street University oversees adult education courses of every sort taught by anyone in the New Orleans community with a practical skill, craft, art, passion, or life experience to communicate and share.

There are two dedicated classrooms on the second floor of the New Orleans Healing Center (Rooms 250 and 252), each accommodating up to 25 students. These rooms are available for rental between 9:00 am – 9:00 pm but special accommodations can be made to suit your schedule.

Interfaith Center

The Healing Center is not associated with any particular religion but welcomes people of all faiths, spiritualities and beliefs.

In fact, our Interfaith Center is distinctly non-denominational. It is a simple and plain room with an outside balcony, containing light and silence, so people may reflect or meditate in their own fashion…or just simply retreat from the hectic world for a few quiet moments. Ultimately, we hope people may find, discover or be exposed to a new-found faith in our fellow human beings and in the collective wisdom of our combined cultures, diverse beliefs, and unique (yet common) heritage that provides the spark that gives us curiosity and compassion…and makes us all neighbors.

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