PAWSitive Impact: Empowering Owners, Enriching Lives

The New Orleans Healing Center is excited to announce PAWSitive Impact, a groundbreaking program dedicated to empowering both pets and their owners through education and training. We recognize the vital role pets play in our lives, but also a concerning gap in resources available to low-income pet owners. Training classes can be prohibitively expensive, leaving many struggling families without the tools to address common behavior issues. Unfortunately, this lack of support can lead to pet surrenders, abandonment, or even abuse.

PAWSitive Impact aims to change that narrative…

Our Mission:

    Free Training Classes: We will offer free training classes that address basic manners, problem behaviors, and positive reinforcement techniques. This builds stronger bonds between pets and their people, reducing stress and preventing unnecessary surrenders.
  • Educational Workshops: From pet health and first aid to grooming, we will provide workshops covering all aspects of responsible pet care.
  • Resource Hub: While our primary focus is education, we want to be a valuable resource for pet owners in need. We collect and distribute donated pet supplies, maintain a directory of affordable/free pet services in the area, and offer assistance in applying for assistance programs or grants.

Together, with the right knowledge and support, we can prevent pet surrenders, strengthen the human-animal bond, and create PAWSitively better lives for all.

How You Can Unleash Potential:

  • Donate Pet Food & Supplies: Before any training can begin, a pet needs to be well-fed and healthy. Your donations stock our free pet pantry, ensuring a solid foundation for successful training and happy pet ownership. Donations of food and supplies can be dropped off at the Little Pet Pantry under the stairs in the Grand Hall, or by making a monetary donation online.
  • Support Our Training Programs: Your donations help us bring in expert trainers and behaviorists to lead our free training classes and workshops. Every dollar allows us to offer these valuable resources to low-income pet owners.
  • Donate Your Expertise: Are you a veterinarian, trainer, behaviorist, groomer, or other pet care professional with a passion for helping pets? We welcome volunteers to donate their skills and knowledge by leading workshops or assisting with training classes. Contact us to learn more!

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