“Healing Lives for Under Twenty Dollars”

“Healing Lives for Under Twenty Dollars”

The Healing Center Welcomes “Oldies But Goodies”
by: Brandon Curran; NOHC Marketing and Events Coordinator


Many members of The New Orleans Healing Center community will note the spiritual energy they feel when entering the premises. For Queen, those spirits can be felt from her childhood.

Queen recently opened ‘Oldies But Goodies’; a secondhand and locally-produced clothing store at the front of The Healing Center. Her mission is to allow the public to “access a wide range of affordable clothing fabrics for everyone while benefiting New Orleans’ locals”.

Queen’s history with the St. Claude/St. Roch community began long before The Healing Center even opened its doors. She remembers spending weekends with her grandma visiting the space when it was The Universal Furniture Store and can still feel her spirit over the space.

“My grandmother had a house in the area and we used to come when it was a furniture store. I came here weekend after weekend. I remember all the parades and people up and down the street. Me and my family’s spirit is here. I can feel it in the air of The Healing Center”

Queen was frequenting The Healing Center for about two years before opening up Oldies But Goodies and, although was surprised to learn that Universal Furniture had closed down,  was impressed by the dedication The Healing Center had to the local community.

“Change is not bad; but you just need to make sure that the change is helping everyone including the community, the businesses and the neighbors around us. It great to see The Healing Center is here to help aid in different ways to the surrounding community.”

Community-based aid can come in many ways, and for Queen, this aid comes by offering local community members reliable clothing for a fraction of the cost.

“We have dress down clothes but we also have pieces for both men and women to help you get ready for an interview at a very low cost. I want people to come in and put a whole outfit together for under twenty dollars. You just can’t beat that for the quality I offer.”

One of her favorite memories was helping a woman become a more confident shopper through Oldies But Goodies.

“I once had a customer come and she was looking for clothes for a larger size. I helped her feel more comfortable and look for pieces that compliment her. She bought so many great pieces including three dresses for under twenty dollars total. She even texted me photos in the following days of herself looking confident and beautiful at work. It was amazing to be a part of that experience.”

Besides resale, Queen also focuses on featuring local designers including polishedbrand,  wiredandstoned and AkadeKollection.

Oldies But Goodies is open seven days a week and Queen can be reached at 504 615 4339 or seijimutin@gmail.com.