More Than Just Spine Pain

 Affordable Healing Arts Welcomes Chiropractor Dr. Rueben Carter, D.C.

By: Brandon Curran; NOHc Marketing and Events Manager

The world of chiropractic work is rapidly growing and Dr. Rueben Carter, D.C. is excited to be a part of that growth. Dr. Carter recently started Integrative Spine Care & Wellness inside The New Orleans Healing Center’s Affordable Healing Arts suite. According to Dr. Carter, he was drawn to the collaborative nature of both Affordable Healing Arts (AHA!) and The New Orleans Healing Center.

“Finding this group of practitioners was serendipity; I like the approach of different healing  practitioners working together in a complementary and integrative way. Additionally, I love that the local community is invited into The Healing Center to participate in its programs and businesses. I was surprised to discover a place like this in New Orleans.”

Dr. Carter grew up in New Orleans before moving throughout the country to learn and understand the many modalities of Chiropractic work. Before moving back to New Orleans, Dr. Carter worked in over 6 clinics in San Diego where he saw hundreds of patients of all backgrounds. He even noted working with some Olympic athletes.

When asked about his inspiration for this extensive career, Dr. Carter described a personal experience that sparked his interest.

“My brother was in a car accident and I was able to see the full extent of what chiropractors can do. My natural curiosity wanted to explore more. What really solidified my interest was chiropractic’s philosophy of health. The body is intelligent and is designed to adapt. Chiropractic work is about optimizing that ability to adapt to our environment instead of just treating symptoms.”

This curiosity led Dr. Carter to understand the various approaches to chiropractic work and the extent of symptoms that chiropractic can help.

“My technique is tailored to the individual patient. Chiropractic work is similar to psychology in that there are many different approaches and styles of practice. The diversity of practitioners is large in chiropractic. I recommend that you do your research and find an approach that works for you. Generally, we focus on the relationship between the body’s structure and function. In particular, we aim to optimize the body’s ability to adapt to the environment by focusing on the structure and function of the spine and nerves. We focus on those structures because they are responsible for communicating important information about the body itself and the outside environment.”

Dr. Rueben Carter can be found in Affordable Healing Arts (NOHC Suite 220). His hours are Monday-Friday from 7:00am-6:00pm and on Saturday from 9:00am-5:00pm. He accepts most major insurances including Medicaid and Medicare. Find out more information on his website HERE.