Little Free Library 

The New Orleans Healing Center is re-building a Little Free Library! The library will be open to anyone and will function through the “take a book, share a book” motto, where you can take a book from the library and leave a book of your choosing.

The library will feature a dedicated study room , equipped with desks and chairs for optimal focus. When it’s time to unwind, get lost in a good book or connect with fellow bibliophiles in the inviting revamped reading/event space . Picture comfy couches, cozy beanbags, and an atmosphere that welcomes book clubs, author talks, and more!

Share the joy of reading! We’re inviting you to be a part of something special – building a Little Free Library brimming with stories for the whole community. Donate gently used books of any genre in the orange bins located by the Healing Center’s front and back doors. Can’t donate books? Your generosity shines through monetary donations using the form below. Let’s fill the shelves with love, one book at a time.

Reserve your perfect space at the New Orleans Healing Center’s Little Free Library!

Choose from the cozy reading/event room with couches and chairs or the focused study room with desks.