Interfaith Center 

The Healing Center is not associated with any particular religion but welcomes people of all faiths, spiritualities and beliefs.

In fact, our Interfaith Center is distinctly non-denominational. It is a simple and plain room , containing light and silence, so people may reflect or meditate in their own fashion…or just simply retreat from the hectic world for a few quiet moments. Ultimately, we hope people may find, discover or be exposed to a new-found faith in our fellow human beings and in the collective wisdom of our combined cultures, diverse beliefs, and unique (yet common) heritage that provides the spark that gives us curiosity and compassion…and makes us all neighbors.

**Balcony is under construction until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Contact information:
NOHC Administrative Office
Phone: 504-940-1130

Interfaith Center Request Form

Request Response
Thank you for requesting a class or meeting space of the Interfaith Center. We will process your request shortly, regarding the time and date(s) provided. If the dates are open, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided.

Good Neighbor Policy
No music will be played on the outside deck and must be kept at a medium for the business located on the 3rd floor.

Conference/training sessions etc
$40.00 per hour, capped at $400 per day
Conferences/training sessions etc for nonprofits
$30.00 per hour, capped at $300 per day

Multi-day events for Businesses – 8% discounts for 2 days
Multi-day events for nonprofits – 8% discounts for 2 days, plus 5% for each additional full day
Catering in-house (Fatoush) – 2%
Alcohol and bar provided in house (Cafe Istabul) – 2% discount
Floral/design/costuming/ect in-house – 2% discount

2372 St. Claude Ave
New Orleans, LA 70117
Interfaith Center is located on the 4th floor of the Center.