Individual Attention and Affordable Care; The Purr-fect Approach for Your Pet’s Health and Medical Needs

The Healing Center Welcomes Veterinarian, Dr. Charlotte Milazzo with New Orleans Animal Health

By: Brandon Curran; NOHc Marketing and Events Manager

Dogs, cats, horses, birds and rats; Dr. Charlotte can see them all. After over a decade of enjoying the privilege of practicing at several clinics throughout the city and metro area, she recently moved her new practice, New Orleans Animal Health (NOAH), into the Healing Center. NOAH provides medical and surgical veterinary services for multiple species. The beloved, well known  veterinarian of the Marigny, Dr. Richard “Dusty” Allen, has earned his well deserved retirement and passed the professional torch by entrusting Dr. Charlotte with his many clients and patients, most recently from his mobile clinic known as “Vet A Go Go”.   


To Dr. Charlotte, her approach to vet care fits perfectly with the overall mission of the center as a whole. She explains this connection below. 


“The Healing Center is in line with how I approach my practice in terms of reaching outside of the box. The mentality of the Healing Center is one of respect for all creatures; humans and otherwise. I wanted to have my business in a place with positive energy and other people who respect the bond between human and animal. I like that The Healing Center appreciates the intangible approach to healing; not just the scientific aspect of medicine but also the spiritual art of being a healer.  Just because I was trained to practice traditional medicine, offering patients the latest and greatest most current therapies in veterinary medicine, it does not mean that other healing methods such as holistic or complementary medicine therapies should not be implemented as part of a treatment or wellness plan for an animal. The proper use of things like nutrition, supplements, massage, reiki, lasers, water physical therapy, and acupuncture can do amazing things for even the most critically ill pets. Taking time to build a relationship with a pet and owner fosters better understanding of the patient and what works best for them and their human.  It helps to teach owners how to communicate with their pet so that they can know if their pet is happy and healthy, mentally and physically.  Also, this bond helps owners identify true emergencies for each species, and avoid turning to the internet to find often well meaning but dangerously wrong advice.”


This inclusive holistic and complementary medicine approach along with highly personalized care, allows NOAH to stand out from other veterinary clinics. She describes how her individualized approach to care eases pain for both the pet and its owner. 


“NOAH really focuses on treating all creatures as individuals. With an increased focus on wellness and nonjudgmental education, I can help prevent many of the larger and more costly issues before they occur and become extremely costly. I focus on what each patient requires rather than trying to fit everyone into a specific protocol mold.” 


Even with prevention and education, Dr. Charlotte understands how veterinary care can be a large expense for many individuals with pets. She explains how she tries to find that financial balance for those of varying financial situations in the community.


“I try to keep my services at a price meant to be affordable. I need to make a living, but my goal is to treat animals without their owners being forced to either go broke or have to give up their pet that is otherwise well cared for and loved. I try to build relationships with my clients so I can offer solutions that are realistic with their finances. I want an honest open line of communication there and for them to understand that affordable care does not have to mean less quality care. If their pet becomes critically ill, I am going to offer them the gold standard of the best options, even if it involves calling in a boarded specialist vet like a cardiologist or neurosurgeon.  However, I realize that not everyone can afford what might be ideal, but it does not mean that we can’t treat their pet successfully with the next best step when working thru setting up a treatment plan that can be put into motion.  I often see misunderstandings happen between veterinary professionals and clients by not offering clients full explanations and some choices.   It is not for me or anyone to guilt people into a situation that they are unable to afford, but it is my job to inform pet owners with straightforward answers that are sometimes difficult to discuss without an established bond there.  Again, my focus is on the individual pet and his or her maximum comfort, health and happiness as well as their families that love them.”


If you would like to make an appointment to bring your pet in for a check up or treatment, please call NOAH at 504 352-1874.  Prevention can be the best medicine!