We believe our first responsibility is to our local and global community which includes the people and biosphere of New Orleans and the world at large, offering a holistic, safe, clean, sustainable center that provides services, products, and programs promoting physical, nutritional, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, economic, environmental, cultural, and civic well-being.

We agree to work together, synergistically and holistically, and to create a center rooted in hospitality where neighbors are respected and members of the community are welcomed warmly. We work to honor principles and practices of sustainability in all that we do. Our governing principles are grounded in the spirit of collaborative, cooperative, consensus-driven decision-making. We strive to make decisions based in positivity and courage rather than fear and negativity and commit to communicating disagreements in a constructive way that serves the common good of the community. We are dedicated to creating a vibrant and harmonious community that honors diversity, strengthens cultural traditions, and seeks and celebrates common ground.


We revere and promote creativity and the arts as powerful agents of transformation. We honor and seek to strengthen the traditions and culture of our community. In meeting the community’s needs, everything we do must be of high quality.

We strive to reduce our costs to maintain reasonable prices for the community. We work together to create an environment that is a source of positive inspiration for all.

  1. To bring healing services on all levels of sustainability to the Downtown neighborhoods: physical, emotional, intellectual, environmental, economic, and spiritual
  2. To help bring economic revitalization to the St Claude Corridor.
  3. To Unify the Riverside and Lakeside neighborhoods along the St Claude Corridor.