Bouncin’ with a Creole Commitment

Bounce Fitness Founder Opens The Moe Joe Gallery at The Healing Center

Ask most people what they do for a living and they will give you the rehearsed one-line answer about their daily tasks. Ask Moe Joe from Bounce Fitness what she does for a living and expect a full embrace of her commitment to her culture and its healing practices. Moe Joe didn’t just “open a business” but commit a whole physical space and mental mindset to expanding her culture for others to enjoy.

Marissa Joseph, otherwise known as Moe Joe, recently open to Moe Joe Gallery inside The New Orleans Healing Center. The Moe Joe Gallery is a multicultural, creative arts and wellness space that is the main home front for Bounce Fitness with Moe Joe. She explains what drew her to open her space inside The New Orleans Healing Center.

“I wanted to open a space in a rooted community and one that celebrates art and spirituality at all levels. It was not a coincidence that I ended up in a space that supports The International Shrine to Marie Laveau. We both share a commitment to live our lives at our highest level of expression; mine is through movement and hers is through spirituality and community. That is really what unites Creole people together.”

Moe Joe weaved that Creole culture into all aspects of her life. Her newly found space was a perfect celebration of that culture.

“I wanted to explore what it means to be a black woman and what is means to be Creole.  It seems like all paths crossed to The Moe Joe Gallery. Opening this place gives me an anchor to showcase that who I am and my art form are important and should be explored by all. It is a space where people can learn about themselves and learn about others.”

The Moe Joe Gallery will house what she is best known for; Bounce Fitness. For over two years, Moe Joe has been making a name for herself with her high energy dance classes. These classes bring people of all different backgrounds and livelihoods together to explore Louisiana’s most enjoyable music and dance culture.

“What I love most about Bounce Fitness is that I get to take what I love most about Louisiana culture and expand the conversation of that means. I have the power create a space where they feel comfortable and free to express who they are as an individual with a collective of different types of people. No two bounce fitness classes are the same.”

What makes these classes so powerful is their ability to bring people together and allow them to escape from the day-to-day worries and insecurities. Moe Joe explains how proud she is to be part of that experience.

“The best part of my job is watching Bounce Fitness become so integrated into people’s lives. I work with everyone from teachers who use my class as a stress relief to new mothers who make sure to schedule some time in for themselves. I want my people to leave Bounce Titness feeling free; freedom to feel vulnerable, freedom to breath and freedom to allow yourself to be yourself. It truly is beautiful to watch.”

Check out The Moe Joe Gallery at The New Orleans Healing Center in Suite 254 Check out her website to look at class schedules, book the space or learn more about her philosophy.