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  • Reflections upon Fet Gede

    They are not buried here. None of my blood relatives are buried in my home state. Yet that has not stopped me from making lasting, powerful, magickal, connections to women, who have gone before me, namely the Divine Marie Laveau and a Black woman from Pioneer times, who is buried in a cemetery, near and […]

  • Chasing the Ghosts of My Ancestors, Letter to My Family

     As the Day of the Dead and Fet Gede approach, the days when the Ancestors return to visit with us, my mind turns to mysteries and myths surrounding my own Ancestors and our Ancestral home, Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine.  My family left the Ukraine 100 years ago to escape pogroms and a darkening future. I had […]

  • What is the Day of the Dead/Fet Gede Celebration?

    For 39 years, La Source Ancienne Ounfo – A New Orleans based Vodou society – has celebrated the Day of the Dead/Fet Gede with an annual Vodou ceremony to invoke the Gede. It is soothing and reassuring to know that our Dead are not gone, and that we can come together in community to honor […]

  • Meet AHA!’s Newest Practitioners!

    Kerry Hegarty Licensed Professional Counselor Since 2014, Kerry has worked with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD or grief and relationship issues from all walks of life. In treatment, she uses a client-centered, mindfulness and DBT-based approach to help you develop healthier relationships with yourself and others. She has a master’s degree in Clinical Mental […]

  • A Call to the Community

    Over the past year, we have been thinking about what it means to be a community center.  For us,   we view ‘community’ as more than a group of people living in the same neighborhood. We see community as an integrated network of hearts and souls ready to step up when times are hard. Moreover, […]

  • Sacred Music Festival: Music Against Hate

    For our 8th year, the New Orleans Sacred Music Festival is bannering the theme “Music Against Hate.”  In the past we have avoided any hint of negative language, but now we are directly confronting a larger milieu of increasing factionalism, intolerance and distrust.  Against this we come together to share music and gifts from many […]

  • Falling into the Spirits

    October, 2018- A Month in Review by: Brandon Curran: NOHC Marketing and Events Manager   We have been busy, y’all. After an extremely eventful October, we are thrilled to look back and see the wide-range of groups, events and happenings throughout our Healing Center space that allow us to continue to grow and develop as […]

  • Gaining Traction in this Hot Sun

    July, 2018- A Month in Review by: Brandon Curran: NOHC Marketing and Events Manager As the hot summer months slowed life for much of the city, The New Orleans Healing Center continued to move forward in full swing throughout the month of July. We saw beautiful successes within The Healing Center, our silos and many […]

  • St. Claude Connection | Ep. 8

    Khalilah Collins from Making Connections New Orleans joins our show to discuss her work of mental health in black boys and black men in the St. Roch area. She also discusses the factors that lead to poor mental health in New Orleans including: high unemployment rates, poor cultural competency trainings and an inequitable economy.

  • St. Claude Connection | Ep. 6

    Nikki Napoleon and Brandon Brooks stop by to discuss their involvement with Brotherhood Incorporated and its associated N2 study for HIV rates for Black Men. We also talk about their involvement with the LGBTQ community of New Orleans and their recent LGBT Homeless Outreach event at The New Orleans Healing Center.

  • St. Claude Connection | Ep. 5

    Jim Meadows- Director of NOAGE (New Orleans Advocates for GLBT Elders) joins us to talk about the organization’s outreach work for LGBT folks over 50 and how he and NOAGE navigate the various social and political roles of this diverse community.

  • Opening Our Doors a Little Wider

    May, 2018- A Month in Review by: Brandon Curran: NOHC Marketing and Events Manager It’s been a busy spring at The New Orleans Healing Center. With an increased focus on community outreach projects and teaming up with some fantastic community organizations, The Healing Center opened its doors to many new faces and continued to breakdown […]

  • St. Claude Connection | Ep. 3

    Pres Kabacoff, Co-President to the Board of the Directors of The New Orleans Healing Center and Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors for HRI Properties, stops by for an honest and frank conversation on current St. Claude development, The Healing Center founding and his opinion on the future of the Downtown neighborhoods.

  • St. Claude Connection | Ep. 2

    ‘Shoeless’ Eric Pollard from The Affordable Healing Arts stops by to talk about his Jin Shin Jyutsu practice, happenings at The Affordable Healing Arts and what makes him so passionate about being shoeless.

  • St. Claude Connection | Ep. 1

    John Calhoun from The New Orleans Food Co-operative and Mark Quinn from Agrowtopia discuss urban farming, food deserts and the future for New Orleans’ local food systems.


    April, 2018- A Month in Review by: Brandon Curran: NOHC Marketing and Events Manager   It’s all happening, Y ’all! The New Orleans Healing Center is officially a 501c3 nonprofit! After an extensive amount of work and support of our staff, Board Members and founders, The New Orleans Healing Center has officially been approved nonprofit […]

  • More Than Just Spine Pain

     Affordable Healing Arts Welcomes Chiropractor Dr. Rueben Carter, D.C. By: Brandon Curran; NOHc Marketing and Events Manager The world of chiropractic work is rapidly growing and Dr. Rueben Carter, D.C. is excited to be a part of that growth. Dr. Carter recently started Integrative Spine Care & Wellness inside The New Orleans Healing Center’s Affordable […]

  • 2017: A Year in Review

    Healing Center Grew to New Heights with Increased Focus on Community Health, Local Arts/Culture and Diversity/Inclusion by: Brandon Curran: NOHC Marketing and Events Manager The New Orleans Healing Center reached new heights in 2017. First and foremost, The Healing Center was excited to become fully occupied with all its leasable spaces. The Healing Center selects […]

  • Individual Attention and Affordable Care; The Purr-fect Approach for Your Pet’s Health and Medical Needs

    The Healing Center Welcomes Veterinarian, Dr. Charlotte Milazzo with New Orleans Animal Health By: Brandon Curran; NOHc Marketing and Events Manager Dogs, cats, horses, birds and rats; Dr. Charlotte can see them all. After over a decade of enjoying the privilege of practicing at several clinics throughout the city and metro area, she recently moved […]