“Backing Up Their Livelihoods”

The Healing Center Welcomes Our Newest Silo;

St Roch Computer and Phone Repair

by: Brandon Curran; NOHC Marketing and Events Coordinator

Healing means a lot of things to a lot of people and to Ben and Tom, from St Roch Computer and Phone Repair, healing means running a reliable, affordable and accessible business with technology services that were otherwise missing or unreachable for an entire community.

St. Roch Computer and Phone Repair is The New Orleans Healing Center’s newest silo, and they have the place buzzing about the services they plan to bring into the St. Claude and St. Roch communities. An offshoot from NOLAGraphics, St Roch Computer and Phone Repair does mobile phone and computer repair, data backups, business technology services and more. Their other company, NOLAGraphics, does graphic and website design work for various businesses and organizations around the city including; Dat King Cake Guy, Michalopoulos, Jamie Hayes Gallery and St. Augustine High School.

What separates them from their typical competitor? Their devotion to serve the people around them and to make technology assistance more accessible to their local community.

When chatting with these gentlemen, I was reminded of the great need for affordable and reliable technology services in this area. Tom explains the importance of technology and the personal attachment he has to its healing properties.

“People’s lives are now on these computer devices. Services like affordable offsite backup might sound drab, but you realize that you are backing up family photos, home videos, or the entirety of a small businesses’ QuickBooks accounts. You are backing up their livelihood. I remember swimming out of my home during Katrina so I know personally what it is like to lose all your data.”

Tom also explains how St. Roch Computer and Phone Repair and NOLAGraphics can help small and emerging businesses in their community.

“We can help small businesses affordably change their technology services to save them money in the future through discounted merchant processing, refurbished point of sales systems or change their existing systems to run better. There just were not these services in the area before and we can keep cost down thanks to the affordable rent at The Healing Center.”

Ben and Tom spoke frequently on doing affordable, holistic technology services and are striving to break down the technology gap. While many technology service companies will try to use predatory methods to prey on those who may not understand technology, Ben explains how St Roch Computer and Phone Repair take a holistic and honest approach to their business.

“Many businesses in the industry will try to tack on hidden, unnecessary fees just to increase the bill. We try to avoid that and try to communicate with people beforehand with expected cost and time so there are no surprises at the end.  We try to solve a problem rather than just sell you something.”

St Roch Computer and Phone Repair and NolaGraphics are now open at The New Orleans Healing Center in Suite 254. Walk ins are always welcome and their hours are 10:00am-6:00pm on Monday through Friday and 12:00/Noon to 4:00pm on Saturdays. They can be reached at 844.NOLA.NOW or visit their website at www.nolapcrepair.com.