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Indigena Presents Life Lines: A Community’s Autobiography Of Resistance And Renewal

March 19-22, 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Schedule To Change By Day) Indigena and The New Orleans Healing Center proudly present Life Lines: A Community’s Autobiography of Resistance and Renewal. Understand and interact with experts exploring how climate change can dramatically impact our local communities, especially our native homelands and people. This four-day convergence includes… Read more »

Sacred Music Festival – March 12

New Orleans is a crossroads for numerous cultures, traditions and ways of life. The 2016 Sacred Music Festival brings together these traditions to share music, chants, prayers, ceremonies, conversations, food and more. In a time when words of intolerance are becoming far too common, this festival’s infectious energy spreads peace, sacredness and respect to all… Read more »

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