About Us 

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New Orleans Healing Center:
Healing the community through five pillars of sustainability

The New Orleans Healing Center is a community center like no other.  That’s because its purpose and operating principles are based on United Nations guidelines for sustainability.  Consequently, it is uniquely structured to be able to simultaneously help, heal, and empower individuals and surrounding neighborhoods at the economic, social, environmental, physical/mental, and spiritual levels.

exteriorIt does this by providing a base for small businesses and organizations to cater to the community, on the corner of St Claude and St Roch, bringing together the Riverside and Lakeside communities along the St Claude corridor.  The New Orleans Healing Center is not just a base for other organizations: it really is about healing. That’s why all of the businesses that are part of the healing center must agree to and sign onto a Credo that mandates a strong element of social responsibility and entrepreneurship. Specifically:

  • All businesses housed within the Center must contribute to healing on some level and must all work together to enhance the positive healing effect of the whole.
  • All must balance a spiritual bottom line with a financial bottom line.
  • All must contribute to the wellbeing of the community and must maintain respect for the culture and traditions of the diverse neighborhoods.

In effect, the healing center becomes a hub of diverse individuals and groups, who are all focused on the positive well-being of the community, so that anyone coming through the door can find a healing approach that works on all those five levels: a credit union, a grocery cooperative, street university, physical therapy center, yoga studio, healing arts collective, interfaith center, and others. But more importantly, these and other carefully selected community-focused programs, services, and activities are designed to help revitalize and restore neighborhoods and bring them together under our five pillars of sustainability.

In one place, you can buy healthy groceries, have a massage, take a yoga class, or fit in a workout before getting a haircut and shopping for beautiful homemade wares, or sitting down to a healthy meal.  Listen to live performances, plan a wedding or large event, learn from specialists about how to get involved in your child’s education, and take a burlesque dancing class! Visit each organization’s website to learn more about them.  Our options are diverse – we welcome you to experience them all.

Much more than just a physical building or large meeting facility, the New Orleans Healing Center is a pioneering social/civic enterprise that provides a sustainable framework and guidance for individuals and communities to help each other, and above all, themselves.