2019 New Orleans Sacred Music Festival

Music Against Hate

April 6th, 2019 | 9:00am-7:30pm | New Orleans Healing Center

For complete schedule, bios, information and more, please visit; www.neworleanssacredmusicfestival.org


Sacred Music from many traditions, local and international, Peace Walk, arts & crafts, interfaith altars, workshops, art exhibits, psychic readers, women’s circle, dance, yoga, prayer, blessings, storytelling, food, fun and family friendly.

In New Orleans, the sacred is funky! Come together with people of all faiths and no faith plus all races and cultures for an immersive and transformative experience of spiritual music, art and food from around the world.

Now in its 8th year, The 2019 New Orleans Sacred Music Festival is entirely FREE and open to anyone and everyone. Sacred music is powerful. It can heal and uplift us and awaken the profound connections that runs through our diverse cultures and communities. Performers are drawn from all the city’s spiritual communities, and some acts are international. Both ancient and cutting-edge, the festival is fun, lively, and full of magical moments. Where else will you see Tibetan monks and Mormon elders rocking out to hip-hop and medieval chants?

Get “sacredly funky” with;
*Deacon John Moore Spirituals
*Mantra Music with Sean Johnson And The Wild Lotus Band
*Vodou Ceremony with La Source Ancienne Peristyle
*Tibetan Buddhist Chants and Dance by Tsering Phuntsok
*Japanese Taiko Drumming by Mayumi Shara & MaDeTo w/ James Singleton
*Storytelling with Kalpana Saxena
*Hip Hop with Gorealla Strong
*Muslim Call to Prayer
*Hindu Fire Sacrifice with Yogindra Vandana Das
*Yoruba Sacred Songs and Rhythms with Michael Skinkus and Moyuba
*Celtic Tribal Spirituals with Amzie Adams, Dave Geare & Spirit Walker
*Buddhist Chanting with New Orleans Zen Temple
*Tonya Boyd
*And more to be announced soon!

Embrace The Healing Center’s transformative realm with Sacred Alters by various interfaith altars including;
*Ricky Pustanio – Kuan Yen
*Mico Red Hawk – Native/Indigenous
*Sen Elias – Wiccan
*Gaël Thompson – Buddhist flower mandala
*Kelly Cutrone – Goddess
*Alexei Kazantsev – Eastern Orthodox
*Darlene Marcela – Catholic
*Marcela Singleton – something natural
*Andrew Wiseman – African Ewe
*Bishop Coleman – Black Hawk
*Big Chief Demond Melancon – Mardi Gras Indian suit
*Greta Gladney – Ancestor Tree

Experience workshops, classes, interactive displays and more!

‘Come Together’ at this year’s Peace Walk! Join the neighborhood and Strive Towards Solidarity with your neighbors. Meet at St. Roch Park at 9:00am | Walk at 9:20am.

Now more than ever, come together to become part of this funky, inspiring, all-encompassing festival to celebrate faith, community, and the spirit that is human life!