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If you are interested in joining the Second Story Gallery, contact:
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By Laws (Framed by Andy P. Antippas, May, 2012)


A. The full name of the Co-Op,”The Second Story Co-Op Gallery” and, parenthetically, (“at the New Orleans Healing Center”) should be used on all advertising and announcements–hereafter referred to as “SSG.”

B. SSG occupies the already designated area on the second level of the New Orleans Healing Center (NOHC) at the corner of St Claude and St. Roch.


A. Provide members with an opportunity to develop as visual artists and to exhibit and sell their work.

B. Members’ work will be exhibited in a professional manner and in a systematic way with openings occurring on the second Saturday of the month (exception, see below) in conjunction with the tradition established by the other galleries in and around the St Claude corridor.

C. Artists will have the opportunity to have a one person show, To curate shows, have examples of their work permanently on display in an allocated space, and to curate group shows.


A. The SSG is a SILO of the NOHC. As such, it is represented on the Board of the NOHC by two representatives elected from among the SILO leaders. The Co-Op will cast one vote at the appropriate time for candidates offering themselves for that position. The one vote will represent a simple majority from the members in good standing of the Co-Op–hereafter, “MIGS.”

B. The Board of the NOHC is the final arbiter in any disputes which may occur between the SSG and the other SILOS.

C. Any issues or disputes occurring among or between co-op members are to be resolved by a simple majority vote of the MIGS.

D. Any issues of concern to the SSG, or irreconcilable disputes among the membership of the SSG as a whole, or individually, will be communicated to one of their Board representatives. If she/he fails to reconcile the issue, the representative will bring the matter to the Board.

E Members of the SSG must indicate their awareness of, and their adherence to, the NOHC Mission Statement. The Statement will be attached to the lease and signed as well. They will also sign the NOHC’s Waver of Responsibility also attached to the lease.


A. Membership in the SSG Co-Op obligates the member to sign a year’s lease–from the date of sign-up.

B. To contribute $100.00/month to the (approximately) $1200.00/rental of the designated art space–payable by the 5th of every month.

C. To place $200.00 (first and last month’s rent and damage deposit) in an escrow account held by the NOHC. The $200.00 will be returned upon lease termination. The money is forfeit if the lease is broken.

D. It is expected some person in the membership will either step forth or be nominated or elected by a simple majority of the MIGS to act as Chairperson. That person will serve for one year beginning in June, 2012.

1.The Chairperson’s responsibility is to collect the monthly fees and escrow; to be certain new members sign the appropriate lease documents; to call and chair meetings and act as a facilitator and mediator. This Chairperson’s fees will be reduced to 75.00/month.

2. The Chairperson will deliver the monthly fees and new escrows to the Board representative by the 10th of the month. The Chairperson will exercise his/her judgment to permit a member to pay later than the prescribed time. The Chairperson will also allow the escrow account of $200.00 to be collected within 30 days of new membership.

F. To vet any new applicant for membership. The founding members (listed below) will be the only members who will not have to undergo a formal vetting process. New members who are successfully vetted will need to receive 2/3’s of the MIGS’s vote and then asked to sign all the appropriate documents.

G. Vetting applicants for membership.

1. Application Process

Artists who are residents of New Orleans and environs wishing to be considered for membership in the Second Story Co-Op Gallery, and have read and are in accord with our By Laws and lease and waiver agreements, can submit their name, physical and email addresses, a resume, note their principle medium, an artists statement, and a link to their website or submit up to six to ten 72dpi jpegs of their work to, Subject Box: Art Co-Op.

As soon as an opening occurs in the ranks, applicants on file will be notified they are under consideration–if the applicant is still interested, they may update their resume and resend their material. The Co-Op will also put out a call-for-artists with a two week deadline for applications. Approximately two weeks after that deadline, applicants will be notified of the Co-Op’s decision.

2. Decision Process

The Chairperson of the Co-Op assembles all the submissions and distributes them to the membership. There is approximately a two week consideration period within which time two candidates will be chosen by a simple majority. Those two candidates will be invited to talk to the Co-Op members about the direction of their work and ask any questions of the group. A two-thirds majority of the membership is required for the final selection. If there is more than a single opening in the membership, a proportionate number of candidates will be selected for initial review and interview.

G. A 2/3’s vote of the MIGS will determine the total number of members in the Co-Op–although the membership should not fall below 10 “entities.” (see below)


A. Any MIGS can partner up with any other MIGS to share their exhibition month and, in effect, create a single voting entity, share the monthly expense, and the allocated exhibition areas.

B. Any MIGS can bring a non-Co-Op member artist in to share his exhibition month without vetting, but with prior notification to the membership–principally to be certain overtly “erotic” depictions are curtailed, and the participant reminded that the Second Story Gallery exists within a public space where parents frequently bring their children.

C. Any MIGS can decide to curate a group of non-Co-Op artists in the specified area during his exhibition month, but with prior notification to the membership–(see B above and D below).

D. All artists, MIGS members, and “visiting artists” will understand the exhibition area is a public space and exercise good judgment as to subject matter, and specifically avoid overt sexual imagery, no matter how elegantly depicted–parents often enter the building with their children or their young teenagers and may take the opportunity to visit the art gallery–that is the concern. It is not inconceivable that some signs posted with a caution concerning the subject matter can be used–good judgment is important. The depicting of nudes, controversial social or political subject matter is unaffected by this concern.


A. Both the allocation of the exhibition months and the permanent personal exhibition areas will be done by lot.

B. The monthly exhibition period will begin in August. June and July will be used for a two month group show.

C. All exhibitions will begin on the Second Saturday and end exactly 5 days before the next exhibition begins. That means the exhibition will end on the Saturday before the next Saturday exhibit, and Sunday devoted to taking the show down.

D. Exceptions to the second Saturday opening may occur when Mardi Gras falls on that weekend. All the galleries on St Claude tend to move their openings to the following weekend which means all those particular show will be shorter than the others . The artist will make the decision for him/herself.

E. The artist is responsible for generating interest in his show by using postcards, emails blasts, social media, etc. The most critical thing is notifying Erik at and; Doug at; and Andrea at–all two weeks in advance of your opening. The openings will be from 6:00 (or earlier) to about 9:30. All wine bottles and cups and other debris should be bagged and left for the cleaning service in the evening to collect that Saturday night.

F. Use Avery 8877 business card stock to print your labels. Each card should contain your name, the title of the piece, medium, and the price. All art on exhibit should be for sale. No work shall be marked POR. They should be placed on the wall with double sided tape. The artist may also number her/his pieces on the cards and list the titles and prices on multiple sheets of paper placed on the table or elsewhere.

G. The artist should consider having some wine and bottled water for opening night visitors. Avoid bringing food for your guests, and do not bring alcohol. The set-up for whatever you bring should be just outside the double doors on the cement floor. Be prepared to towel up any spilled substance from the wooden floors.

H. Although the NOHC is open from 9-9, the artist(s) on exhibit should “gallery sit” some afternoons to see what kind of reaction the work is getting, and possibly make some sales through interaction. The artist should visit his exhibition regularly if only to assure the safety of his work. The artist should place his contact information in plain view–(5×8 card)–and also put Barrister’s Gallery’s number (504 710-4506) as a back-up.

I. The artist is obliged to remit a 20% commission to the NOHC upon the sale of any work. The check should be made out to the New Orleans Healing Center and delivered to your Board representative by the Chairperson. This is an Arts District and tax free–no taxes should be collected. All art sold should be marked as sold (red dot) and remain in the exhibition until its conclusion. The artist is responsible for shipping any works if they are sold out of town.

J. At the conclusion of your show, you are responsible for restoring the exhibition area to its original state: that is, all mounting or hanging devices will be removed and all holes sanded, spackled, and painted. The gallery’s white paint along with a ladder will be stored in the closet. Only that white paint may be used.

K. All wine bottles and cups and other debris should be bagged and left for the cleaning service in the evening to collect


A . A Co-Op member wishing to leave at the end of his lease period must notify, in writing, all the members a minimum of one month before his lease expires. That information needs to be transmitted to the Board representative. The group should undertake to replace that member with those who have expressed an interest in joining–but through the proper vetting procedure. If no replacement has been found, that information should be brought to the attention of the Board representative.

B. A member may be terminated by a 2/3’s vote of the MIGS if a member fails to abide by the terms set forth in the By Laws. A member may also be terminated if they refuse to maintain a positive relationship with their fellow artists, or violate the spirit of the NOHC mission. This latter violation may be brought to the attention of the Co-Op membership by members of other SILOS operating in the NOHC. An issue raised thusly must be addressed by the MIGS and a response and explanation or defense in writing submitted to the Co-Op’s SILO Board representative.


A.These By Laws can not be amended or superseded; however, they can be challenged by a 2/3’s vote if some of the By Laws prove impediments to the workings of the Co-Op. The challenge can be presented to the Board representative for further clarification and discussion.B. Amendments may be added to the By-Laws by a 2/3’s vote of the MIGS in an effort to clarify existing

By Laws.I,_____________________________________ have read and understand the By Laws of the the Second Story Co-Op Gallery.

(Date___________________)THE NEW ORLEANS HEALING CENTER Waiver of Liability

THE SECOND STORY GALLERY (hereafter SSG)(ARTISTS’ CO-OP AT THE NOHC)The artist (or appointed agent) is responsible and libel for the successful hanging or situating of his/her own work. Any damage occurring to the artwork, the artist, or his agent during the installation is entirely the responsibility and liability of the artist or agent.

The NOHC reserves the right to examine the artwork after the installation for any defects.While the NOHC will exercise reasonable care and take precautions for the protection of artworks displayed on its premises, the NOHC cannot be held responsible in the unlikely event a piece is damaged or lost, and cannot accept financial responsibility for anything that may happen to the property of SSG exhibitors or their fellow exhibitors. We ask all members of SSG to sign the following statement to acknowledge their recognition and assumption of personal risk.It is the responsibility of an SSG member, functioning as curator of an SSG show to inform visiting artists of the stipulations of this waiver and the SSG Co-Op By Laws.By signing this statement, I agree to release the NOHC, HRI, and their respective agents, financial holding companies, NOHC employees, members, and volunteers from all liability for any loss, damage, theft, injury, destruction to any article entered into exhibition or display on the premises of the NOHC.I understand and assume the personal risk of all uninsured personal property, and that it is up to me to properly insure my own property against any and all risks which I freely chose to incur.————————————————————————-Signature and date___________________________________________________Print name

For further clarification contact: Andy Antippas, 504 710 4506 ( agreement between members of the Second Story Co-Op Gallery and the New Orleans Healing CenterAs a member the Second Story Co-Op Gallery, the undersigned agrees to pay One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars per month rent for a full Twelve (12) months from the date of signing.Along with the first month’s rent, the undersigned will also pay a Two Hundred ($200.00) Dollar, deposit which will remain in a non-interest bearing account. (For details concerning the deposit, see Article III, Section C of the By-Laws.)

The rental check is due on the first of the month and delinquent on the 5th of every month–the check is made out to the New Orleans Healing Center (SC/SR Subtenant, LLC) and given to the Chairperson who will, in turn, pass it on to the Silo Head for deposit.

I understand when I sign this lease agreement, and remain in compliance with the Second Story Co-Op Gallery By-Laws, I will be considered as a “member in good standing” of the Co-Op Gallery and entitled to the benefits outlined in the By-Laws.If I do not intend to renew this lease agreement, I will notify all the members of the Co-Op Gallery one (1) month before the expiration of this Lease Agreement.

Name: _____________________________ Date :________________Address: __________________________________________________Phone Number(s): ___________________________________________E Mail Address: _____________________________________________Signature: __________________________________________________

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